Experience Nature's Luxury at Yoopune

India's First Ready-to-Move-In YOO Branded Residence, Crafted by Philippe Starck. Premium 5.5 & 4.5BHK Apartments Ready For You At Hadapsar.

Ranging 9.5-12 Cr All Inclusive

RERA No. P52100002528

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Welcome to Yoopune - a retreat of inspired living in the heart of Pune! Nestled in the upscale neighborhood of Koregaon Park, our property spans an expansive 17 acres, with a lush 5-acre rainforest at its core. Yoopune, located in Magarpatta City, offers stunning luxury flats ranging from INR 9.50 Cr to 12.0 Cr. Designed by the world-renowned Philippe Starck, our 228 extraordinary apartments, sized from 5,100 - 6,900 sq. ft., exude uniqueness, sophistication, and inspiration. Experience the best of both worlds at yoopune - the tranquility of nature and every modern comfort imaginable. Our multiple award-winning property invites you to embrace the beauty and luxury it offers. Come, immerse yourself in the unparalleled richness of yoopune.Strategically situated in Magarpatta, Pune, Yoopune is a meticulously planned project. The residential units at Yoopune are available in the price range of Rs. 7.50 Cr - 9.50 Cr. Covering a sprawling 17-acre area, the property is impeccably maintained, offering a total of 228 units. Constructed with modern needs in mind, Yoopune is the epitome of an ideal residential property. All units are ready to move in, and the flats have been designed to provide utmost satisfaction. With different sizes available, ranging from 5 BHK flats (5100.0 Sq. Ft. - 6900.0 Sq. Ft.), our residences offer ample space for comfortable living. The project comprises 6 well-designed towers, each boasting its unique benefits. Yoopune was launched on 01 October 2012 and is ready for possession since 01 June 2016.


5.5 & 4.5 Bedrooms With Home theater


3.5 Baths with Luxury Bath pods


Modular Type with hob, chimney, soft-close drawers and cabinets


Centralized AC with VRF technology by Samsung

Project Area

17 Acres (70% open)

Project Size

6 Buildings - 228 units

apartment size

5281-6850 Sq Ft


11.11 % since launch


Experience the Best of City Living in Hadapsar - Close to IT Parks and Entertainment Hotspots!

Invest in YOO Pune, where an Established Identity Meets Modern Sophistication. Experience the Perfect Work-Life Balance with Technology Parks, Slick Office Buildings, and Stunning Residential Layouts at Your Doorstep. Indulge in the Finest Restaurants, Pubs, Malls, and Parks – Hadapsar, the Eastern Gem of the City Awaits


Immerse yourself in a world of crafted amenities designed exclusively for YOO and create lasting moments every day

Panchshil Towers
Multisport Court
Panchshil Towers
Squash Court
Panchshil towers
Street Basketball
Panchshil towers
Jogging Track
Kids Play Area
Fine Dining Restaurant
2 Adult Pools
1 Kids Pool
Essential Retails Outlet
Screening Room
Multipurpose Lawn
Yoga Deck
Cricket/Football Ground
Pet Zone
Function Room

Map & Directions

Discover the Perfect Balance of Work and Play at Panchshil Towers: Strategically Located Near Eastern Pune's IT Hubs, Fine Dining Restaurants, Cafes, Hospitals, Malls, and Residential Hotspots

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Nek mohammadNek mohammad
20:47 22 Jun 23
Shrikant KadamShrikant Kadam
05:55 08 Mar 23
03:06 08 Mar 23
rohan yamarappurohan yamarappu
09:22 26 Feb 23
Manish SharmaManish Sharma
12:21 19 Jan 23
Tejas PawarTejas Pawar
06:00 02 Nov 22
Security and staff is very good.Yoo Pune Is One Of The Super Luxury & Five Star Project By Panchshil Realty. ⭐Total 228 Residence Are There, In 6 Tower, In 17 Acres.Yoo Is An International Brand With Presence In 29 Countries In The World, Including America, Australia, Africa, and more..Price Range Starts From 10Cr Onwords.Award Winning Project.
Junior DiazJunior Diaz
07:28 19 Mar 19
I'm living here for almost 10 months and i can say is the best place to live in pune.The pool is amazing, the gym is like dream and the spa is good for have a relaxing day.Plus all my neighbors are friendly 👍
Swapnil PatilSwapnil Patil
04:03 12 Dec 18
such a beautiful villa plans by panchshil builders Alongwith panchshil towers, one of the great area development once it's developed and functional it will be new happening place in East Pune.
Arun JadhavArun Jadhav
16:33 02 Nov 18
Yoo Pune Is One Of The Super Luxury & Five Star Project By Panchshil Realty. ⭐Total 228 Residence Are There, In 6 Tower, In 17 Acres.Yoo Is An International Brand With Presence In 29 Countries In The World, Including America, Australia, Africa, and more..Price Range Starts From 10Cr Onwords.Award Winning Project.
Sachi VermaSachi Verma
17:54 13 Sep 18
It is a very good to stay... though it's just completed fews days ago... it is a wonderful place with amazing facilities and amenities... Liked it very much... Good suggestion for buying or renting; that is for Commercial purposes...❤😊☺

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Panchshil Yoo Pune Magarpatta RERA Registered? If Yes, What is the RERA Registration No of Panchshil Towers?

Panchshil Yoo Pune at  Magarpatta holds a registration with MahaRERA under the RERA Registration No P52100010632.

What is the price range of Panchshil Yoo Pune Magarpatta?

Panchshil Yoo Pune Magarpatta offers a diverse range of luxurious residential units, catering to different needs and preferences. The price range of these units starts from 9.5 Crore Indian Rupees and goes up to 12 Crore Indian Rupees. This price range reflects the exceptional quality of construction, amenities, and location of the towers, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a high-end living experience.

Panchshil Yoo Pune stands as a residential haven in Hadapsar, Pune, nestled within an expansive 17-acre area. The project comprises Apartment-style dwellings, with 4 BHK configurations available. The apartments, as outlined in the area plan, span from 5100.0 to 6900.0 sq.ft. in size. The development is fully completed and ready for occupancy. A total of 6 buildings are available for purchase. The venture was initiated in December 2010, with possession granted in December 2015. Positioned within Hadapsar, Pune, Panchshil Yoo Pune is the brainchild of Panchshil Realty, presenting a selection of 228 units for prospective buyers.

Residents of Panchshil Yoo Pune are treated to an array of resident-centric amenities, including a well-equipped Gymnasium and reliable Power Backup services. Families with children will appreciate the dedicated Children’s Play Area, as well as the conveniently located Swimming Pool. Sports enthusiasts have the privilege of utilizing the Cycling & Jogging Track, among other offerings. The complex benefits from round-the-clock Security services, ensuring a safe and secure environment. Panchshil Yoo Pune invites you to experience a lifestyle beyond compare, characterized by its distinctive class and refinement.

What is the size or area range of apartments at Panchshil Yoo Pune at Magarpatta?

The apartments at Panchshil Yoo Pune, located in Magarpatta, have a size range as per the area plan spanning from 5100.0 to 6900.0 square feet.

Where is Panchshil Yoo Pune located?

Panchshil Yoo Pune is situated at BG Shirke Rd, Kirtane Baugh, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411036. This prime location offers easy access to various amenities and services in the vicinity.

Magarpatta is famous for being a pioneering and well-planned integrated township located in the Hadapsar area of Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is known for several distinctive features:

  1. Integrated Township: Magarpatta is renowned for its innovative concept of an integrated township, which includes residential, commercial, educational, and recreational facilities all within one self-sustained community.

  2. IT Park: Magarpatta houses an IT Park that hosts numerous information technology and software companies, making it a hub for IT professionals and businesses.

  3. Environment-Friendly Design: The township is celebrated for its environmentally sustainable design, incorporating green spaces, energy-efficient buildings, and waste management systems.

  4. Cyber City: Magarpatta is often referred to as “Magarpatta Cyber City” due to its focus on technology-related infrastructure and businesses.

  5. Cultural Events: The township is known for organizing cultural events, festivals, and exhibitions, fostering a sense of community and providing recreational opportunities for residents.

  6. Shopping and Entertainment: Magarpatta is home to shopping complexes, entertainment venues, restaurants, and multiplex cinemas, offering a variety of leisure activities for residents and visitors.

  7. Educational Institutions: The township hosts educational institutions, contributing to its appeal as a comprehensive and self-sufficient living environment.

  8. Well-Planned Infrastructure: Magarpatta’s meticulous urban planning, wide roads, well-maintained public spaces, and modern amenities contribute to its reputation as a model township.

  9. Economic Growth: The development of Magarpatta has contributed significantly to the economic growth and urbanization of the Hadapsar area and the city of Pune as a whole.

Overall, Magarpatta is famous for its innovative urban planning, IT focus, sustainable design, and the holistic lifestyle it offers to its residents.

Who is the architect of Panchshil YooPune Towers?

YooPune stands as Philippe Starck’s illustrious flagship project in India, a testament to his unparalleled design prowess. Within this opulent residential enclave, a symphony of architectural brilliance and artistic vision converges to craft residences of unparalleled elegance. The hallmark of YooPune lies not only in its luxurious interiors but also in its exquisite outdoor spaces, meticulously curated to transcend mere functionality and transform into havens of serenity and inspiration.

Philippe Starck’s visionary touch is unmistakably evident in every corner of YooPune. The interiors are more than spaces; they are works of art that tell a story of sophisticated taste, with bespoke elements and meticulous detailing that encapsulate a sense of timelessness. Each residence becomes a canvas, reflecting the essence of its occupants’ aspirations, a tapestry where unforgettable moments are woven into the very fabric of the design.

The outdoor spaces of YooPune, a seamless extension of the interiors, offer an enchanting escape from the ordinary. Designed to harmonize with nature, they unfold as inviting sanctuaries where residents can immerse themselves in the tranquility of lush landscapes, soothing water features, and thoughtfully designed recreational zones. These outdoor retreats not only enhance the aesthetic grandeur of YooPune but also beckon residents to create cherished memories, basking in the embrace of nature’s beauty.

In YooPune, Philippe Starck’s ingenuity brings forth a masterpiece that goes beyond architecture and design. It is a realm where living becomes an art form, where the fusion of exquisite interiors and captivating outdoor spaces elevates life itself to an experience of boundless elegance and enduring allure.

What is the pin code of Panchshil YooPuneTowers?

Panchshil Yoo Pune Towers is located 411028.

How many Residential Units are there in Panchshil Yoo Pune Towers?

There are a total of 228 units spread across 6 towers in Yoo Pune Towers Project.

What is the total Project Area Of Panchshil YooPune?

The Total project area of Panchshil YooPune towers is 17 acres.

Why should i consider buying Panchshil Towers?

Considering the purchase of Panchshil Yoo Pune offers a multitude of compelling reasons that make it an exceptional choice for a residential investment:

Acclaimed Recognition: Panchshil Yoo Pune proudly boasts the prestigious “Best Residential Property India Award 2011,” a testament to its exceptional quality and design.

Renowned Designer: The project is masterfully crafted by none other than the world-renowned Philippe Starck, renowned for his unparalleled design sensibilities and artistic vision.

Lush Rainforest Oasis: The inclusion of a 5-acre historic rainforest within the development provides a rare and unique touch, offering residents a serene and enchanting natural environment to immerse themselves in.

Expansive Landscape: Set amidst a sprawling 17-acre expanse of verdant landscape, Panchshil Yoo Pune presents an oasis of tranquility, offering residents ample space to breathe, relax, and rejuvenate.

Optimal Living Spaces: The residences at Panchshil Yoo Pune are thoughtfully designed with an emphasis on well-lit and well-ventilated rooms, spacious living areas, and generously sized exterior decks. This attention to detail ensures a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

Strategic Location: Situated in close proximity to a plethora of entertainment options, shopping malls, restaurants, international hotels, and IT parks in the bustling locales of Kharadi, Magarpatta, and Phursungi, Panchshil Yoo Pune offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility.

Exquisite Penthouse Terrace: The presence of a private penthouse terrace provides residents with an exclusive and idyllic space to unwind, entertain, and relish panoramic views, offering a luxurious touch to everyday living.

What is the total count of towers present in Panchshil Yoo Pune?

There are a total of 6 towers in panchshil YooPune project.

How many floors are there in each of the six towers in Panchil YooPune?

Each tower in Panchshil YooPune has 2B+P+19 Floors,

What type of furnishing is available in Panchshil YooPune?

Panchshil YooPune towers have a contemporary style, design, and function. The wooden flooring is laid on a sub-floor, ensuring proper leveling and a sturdy foundation. The living spaces vary depending on the configuration and include large family-centric zones such as the family room, study, lounge, patio, and exterior decks. The living room leads out to an exterior deck where one can relax and enjoy panoramic views. The living room has high ceilings, symmetrical and practical seating, and contemporary interiors that accentuate its spacious design and make it the centerpiece of every residence.

The bedrooms are private sanctuaries with unobtrusive lighting, attached bathrooms, and spacious walk-in closets. They offer a lavish and stately atmosphere and serve as a fortress of intimate and relaxing solitude for hardworking individuals. The signature bedrooms have false ceilings with concealed mood lighting, clear paneling, and smooth finishes that enhance their appeal and promote relaxation. All apartments come with a separate utility room next to the kitchen, maid’s room, and thoughtful conveniences such as a powder room for guests. The bathrooms have imported washstands, mirrors, and shower enclosures that are of the finest quality.

The kitchen is a delight for all senses, with a simple yet technologically advanced construction that facilitates smooth and hassle-free cooking. The cabinetry is laminated and perfectly complements the countertops, retaining visual continuity. The central dining table is prominently focused on by the ambient lighting. The imported modular fittings make it an area of work and play, with easy access from the housekeeper’s room and attached dry balcony. The guest room is separate from the rest of the areas, ensuring total privacy.

Every podium villa comes with its own private garden, allowing residents to cultivate crops or beautify their heavenly abode by nurturing their own plant nursery. Panchshil Towers is designed to take full advantage of outdoor living spaces, with open wide roads, curated gardens, paved boulevards, and zero-traffic promenades that provide a fulfilling and picture-perfect outdoor experience. The project integrates topography, vegetation, structures, and water, creating a distinct aura of freshness and aesthetic appeal. It offers a limitless view from every residence, and its many amenities make it an extremely green yet technologically advanced creation that caters to the many indulgences craved by mankind while preserving Mother Nature.

What is the Pune Kharadi Panchshil Towers Project all about?

The Pune Magarpatta Panchshil Yoo Pune Towers Project is a prestigious and luxurious residential development located in the Magarpatta area of Pune, Maharashtra, India. This project, a collaboration between Panchshil Realty and the renowned designer Philippe Starck, aims to create a distinctive living experience that blends architectural brilliance, artistic design, and natural beauty.

Key features and aspects of the Pune Magarpatta Panchshil Yoo Pune Towers Project include:

  1. Luxurious Residences: The project offers a range of luxurious residential units, including apartments and penthouses, designed to provide residents with a sophisticated and comfortable living environment.

  2. Philippe Starck’s Design: The project is designed by Philippe Starck, a world-renowned designer known for his innovative and avant-garde approach to design. His artistic vision and unique concepts are integrated into the project’s architecture and interiors.

  3. Lush Rainforest: A distinctive feature of the project is the incorporation of a 5-acre historic rainforest within the development. This lush green space provides residents with a serene and natural environment, enhancing the overall quality of life.

  4. Ample Greenery: Spread across 17 acres of verdant landscape, the project offers residents ample open spaces, gardens, and landscaped areas, creating a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing ambiance.

  5. Well-Designed Living Spaces: The residences are characterized by well-lit and ventilated rooms, spacious living areas, and expansive exterior decks. These design elements ensure a comfortable and spacious living experience.

  6. Strategic Location: The project is strategically located in proximity to various entertainment options, shopping malls, restaurants, international hotels, and IT parks in the Kharadi, Magarpatta, and Phursungi areas, offering convenience and accessibility.

  7. Private Penthouse Terrace: The presence of private penthouse terraces provides residents with exclusive outdoor spaces to relax, entertain, and enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings.

In essence, the Pune Magarpatta Panchshil Yoo Pune Towers Project embodies a fusion of luxury, design innovation, natural beauty, and modern living conveniences. It aims to provide residents with a unique and elevated lifestyle experience, setting new benchmarks in luxury residential development in Pune.

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